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He is Sasha, one of the cats that remained in my care. He is about 8 years old now. Since he was a kitten he was a very allergic cat, used to have skin problems that turned in a chronic dermatitis. He dad this problems for years but his condition was kept under control with Homeopathy and a few more treatments. In time his condition improved a lot and he was almost a healthy cat.

Recently something that didn’t look to well appeared on his skin. And it started to grow pretty fast. The vet decided that it should be removed so today he went through the surgery. All went fine, the surgery took place a few hours ago. What I have to do for him now is to keep him under observation and to keep him in a comfy and warm place. He is not allowed to eat until tomorrow as he might vomit because of the anaesthesia and this wouldn’t be ok. Now, after a few hours since the surgery I can try to give him some water if he wants to drink. But he might refuse, most of the cats refuse to drink anything until the next day. Tomorrow morning he will be allowed to eat. He didn’t eat anything since yesterday evening. Cats should stay without food for at least 10 hours or more, depending on the intervention, before they go through a surgery that involves anaesthesia.

His surgery is pretty big because the vet decided to remove a big part of the skin around the lump that is now removed. The surgery wasn’t very complicated because the lump was on the skin’s level.

Now I am going to make him comfortable, and of course he is receiving a lot of love and many cuddles to help him recover fast.

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