Never Give Up02:16

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This beautiful cat is a fighter. She has been through so much pain but she decided to fight and live. Her story needs to be told because she is one proof that we should never give up.

This cat used to be a stray and she was severely hit by car. Her tongue was almost completely cut off, her nose was hanging and her mandible was dislocated. I know is painful even to talk or hear about what she has been through but she had the chance to be found in time and to meet the most wonderful team of vets who didn’t think for a second to give up at her and they did everything they could to save her. And here is the result! She needed delicate surgeries and so much care. She couldn’t even walk with her front paws a long time after the accident.

I am telling you her story because I noticed that sometimes people are tempted to give up too early when an animal is ill and sometimes they hurry in making the decision to put the animal to sleep. And this is not ok. We are here to help them and to do everything we can to save them. Like the vets who cared for this cat. Is true it wasn’t easy either for them or for the cat but when you look at her now she deserves all the efforts!

She is happy, she can’t stop playing, she can’t stop purring she is enjoying every second of her life.

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