Old Feral Cat Recovery – Rescue Story03:05

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Richie is with me since over one year. He used to be a feral cat and he was always afraid with humans. After such a long time he still doesn’t let me to touch him. And sometimes he punches me if he gets the occasion.

Richie was found in a terrible condition. He couldn’t stand, he was extremely dehydrated because of a massive infestation with fleas and his was full of oil in his fur… The vet put him immediately under fluids and on an intense recovery treatment. The bad part is that he has a tumor in his mouth and there is no treatment for this… Being an old can and in this bad condition the vet didn’t know if he would make it but he decided to fight.

He was confused, he was never touched by a human before and hated this but he needed to let us help him to survive. Slowly he started to feel better. He needed more then one bath for that oil to removed. Thankfully he let me do this. After he recovered totally I had no chance in touching him again. Probably you wonder why he is still in the foster room after such a long time. Well he is happy here. Before summer when I didn’t have any cat in foster I let the door open for weeks hoping he will decide to go and live with my cats. But he didn’t want to, he decided to stay in the foster room. But the truth is he is a great grandfather for the kittens.

Maybe Richie won’t be around for a long time because the tumor is growing but I know he doesn’t want me to be sad. He didn’t have an easy life as a feral cat and I am thankful I can make the last chapter of his life the happiest. The conclusion? It doesn’t matter how old is a cat or how much time she will be around because all cats deserve a good life!

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