Rescued Cat Then and Now00:00

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Here we are after 4 months since he was rescued. In these for months he shared the foster room with many cats and kittens. And he enjoyed every second spent here. He was a great father for all the rescued kittens, he took care of them and he was also a good friend for the other adult cats that he shared the room with.

Sometimes he was acting like a kitten. I think that when he was a kitten he didn’t have an easy life and here he could live all that he missed then, his ‘kittenhood’. All the kittens that he met here just loved him. Now his moment has arrived because he finally found a family waiting to take him home. So he had 4 months of fun here and from now on he will have as much fun as he will like with his new family and with his new cat friend who is waiting for him to go home. So after 4 months of waiting he can finally start a new and beautiful life!

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