Rescued Feral Cats Then And Now00:00

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Today I would like to present you the feral cats that I have in my foster care now and their evolution since they are with me. I think that feral cats should receive more help from us. Most of the times, they are trap-neutered and returned which is absolutely wonderful. But sometimes they need our help more, they also deserve the chance to better lives. Usually their lives are quite short as strays, especially for those feral cats who live in the busy cities.

This is why we should think about them also and offer them some better chances if we have this possibility.

During many years I have rescued feral cats also, kittens, adults and old cats. Most of them became friendly some while they were in my care, others after they got adopted. But anyway those who didn’t became friendly are very happy, they enjoy their safe lives and even if sometimes they don’t show their love the way we humans expect, this doesn’t mean hey don’t love us in their own ways.

So here are the feral cats that I care for now, they are all looking for loving families and they can stay with me until they will find the humans to accept them just the way they are.

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