10 Years Ago And Now02:28

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Jose and Smokey are two siblings who came to me almost 10 years ago. I actually rescued their very pregnant mother who gave birth the same day when I offered her shelter. She gave birth to 5 kittens. It was quite difficult to find homes for them and I managed to find loving families for the mother and for 3 of the kittens. Jose and Smokey didn’t have and request and they were already growing fast. I decided to let them stay. Jose is a very temperamental cat, he knows exactly what he wants and I think in a way he convinced me that he really wanted to stay. Smokey was a little shy since he was little, he was never friendly with new people, he was getting scared very fast.

Even if they are brothers they are very different. Smokey went through all kind of health problems during years. He has some seizures from time to time and he needs treatments and unfortunately he has also a tumor in his mouth. He is not the healthiest cat and I think this can be seen by the way he looks. He is under medical observation, he receives all the treatments that he needs, he s eaten very well and he is a happy cat just the way he is.

Jose in stead is the opposite. Thankfully he is healthy. He is he naughty one, he is the one who knows how to open doors and who jumps on me like a monkey every time he has the chance.

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