4 Kittens Needed Help03:07

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A few days ago I was notified about some kittens who needed help. The kittens were living with a man who is ill and he couldn’t handle taking care of them. So I picked up these four kittens. They have a mother but the man can take care of her but she will get castrated. The kittens were full of fleas, parasites and two of them were quite cold and needed some treatments. Thankfully they responded well at the treatment and now they are almost fine. They were pretty shy in the first two days, but now they started to play and to feel more comfortable.

I didn’t put them in the foster room as the kittens who are already in the foster room are not vaccinated yet and I have to make sure these new ones are healthy and after they receive their vaccines they can all stay together in the room.

One of them, this ginger one has the mandible a little shorter then normal, I think he was born like this. But this doesn’t stop him to eat normal so is not such a big problem. They are with me since only 4 days, they don’t fully trust me yet but I am sure soon they will.