A Conflict Between The Foster Cats02:04

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I have a problem in the foster room. One of the kittens that I foster doesn’t stop growling. He is very scared by the other cats.

This is not normal for him, he is here since almost two months and I never had a problem like thins with him all this time. Normally he is playful and very friendly with the other cats. I think something happened when I was not here, probably he was naughty with one go the cats and forcibly they had a fight. This is a new situation for me, this never happened before between my foster cats and I have to find a solution.

He is growling since a few hours, I thought that he would calm down but he doesn’t. And this makes the other cats agitated, they take this as a threat and they wast to fight each other. The first thing that comes into my mind is to take him out of the room and let him in the house with my cats.

But let’s see how they will react, I don’t want to stress them, most of my cats are old or have health issues and I don’t want to put any pressure on them. Looks like he is is angry with them too but the good news is that my cats ignore him, they don’t take him serious and this might help him come back to normal.

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