All Cats Deserve A Good Life02:08

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Sasha came to me about 9 years ago. Some kids found him on the streets and brought him to me asking me to help him. Of course I took him inside.

For a few months everything was fine for Sasha, I started to look a home for him. Until the day when he was discovered to be a very allergic cat. He started to have skin problems, having a chronic dermatitis. This was very uncomfortable for him because he was scratching a lot. A lot of tests were done to Sasha and he received so many treatments. But he was getting better for a few weeks then everything started again.

What really helped him and kept his condition under control was a homeopathic treatment. The results weren’t seen immediately but after a while he started to feel much better. Of course his treatment was given by a specialist in homeopathic treatments. This was what kept his condition under control. I am not saying that only homeopathy would work in allergic cats as every cat is different and there are so many good treatments. But this is what worked for him.

Today he is fine, he still makes allergies from time to time but are not as aggressive as they were at the beginning. Even if he has this problems he is a normal cat and he lives a normal life, he is happy and in love with human noses. Yes, if he catches a nose he bites it.

Sasha is an example that all cats deserve to be adopted, all cats have the right to a normal life even if they have some health issues. If you ever go to adopt a cat from a shelter just take a look at the cats who are not totally healthy and choose one. Because they deserve a good life too.

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