Black Cats Deserve A Good Life Too02:42

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Even if we live in a modern society and people shouldn’t have superstitions any more, it seems that still exist some superstitions regarding black cats. Black cats are less likely to be adopted than cats of other colors. Unfortunately black cats and kittens are often left behind because they are black…

One of the latest cats that I rescued is a black kitten. This beautiful kitten was abandoned in the parking of a supermarket. Someone just brought the kitten in the parking and left.

She was confused, she didn’t have a place where to sleep and of course she was in a big danger of being run over by a car. Someone offered her some food but this wasn’t enough for her. It really impressed he the way she was trying to find a human to fall in love with her. She was following the people, meowing and asking for help. So many people saw her but they were just looking at her and continuing their shopping without thinking what will happen with the poor kitten who was desperately asking for help? She only wanted some love and a safe place…

Well now she has it, now she has the safe place, the good food and the love that she was looking for. And she is sooo grateful for this! She can stay in this foster room together with my other rescued cats and kittens until she will find that human that she was looking for in the parking of that supermarket. That human who will live her the way that she needs and who will offer her the good life that she deserves. Because black cats deserve a good life too!

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