Black Kitten Trapped Under a Car Crying For Help03:21

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Over the centuries, black cats have been given a bad reputation. In the Middle Ages they were associated with so called witches and were considered unlucky. In some cultures, people believed that these ‘witches’ could transform themselves into black cats.
Even if it sounds ridiculous, some people still consider some superstitions because black cats are the least likely to be adopted from the rescue shelters.

Recently I have been called to help a back kitten who was crying under a car. I have o idea how did he get there but he was totally terrified and scared with humans. He was also very hungry and this helped me to catch him easily.

After a first check at the vet we realized he had a part of his ear cut off and the place needed local treatment as it wasn’t healed. For the first two days he was extremely agitated and cried almost continuously. We named him Nicci.

Slowly he realized he is on good hands and he started to trust me. Meeting the other foster kittens didn’t make him too happy but it didn’t last long until he made new good friends.

He is one of the luckiest black cats because he didn’t wait too long and he found a nice family who adopted him. I wish you a beautiful life Nicci and I wish all black cats to be as lucky as you are!

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