Calicivirus In Cats

Calicivirus In Cats

I have introduced you in another video this special cat, a cat who was born with a deformity at her mouth, she is missing one of her lips. As I was saying in that video she was either abandoned, either was born as a stray and needed help, this is how I took her in.

After a few days of being here I noticed she has some ulcerations in he mouth. After a vet check her diagnosis is of Calicivirus. Is the second cat that I rescue with this disease lately so I decided to tell you a few things about Calicivirus so that you can recognise it in case you see it and to know what you do.

Feline calicivirus (FCV) is a virus that is an important cause of upper respiratory infections and oral disease in cats. One sign that indicates the cat has Calicivirus is ulceration of the mouth. Other signs can be ever, conjunctivitis, nasal discharge and sneezing. In case your cat has any of these signs is very important to go with her a the vet.

Caliciviris can’t be treated at home. There are some special antibiotics that the cat needs for this, antiviral medicine, also a treatment for the immune system and a lot of local treatment. Your vet is the only one who can give the cat exactly what she needs to get better. The vet gave her all the medicine that she needs, we started the treatment early and she is already feeling much better. The best way to prevent Calicivirus in cats is to vaccinate them.

A simple vaccine will protect your cat against this disease. A kitten can be vaccinated starting with two months old. If you find a cat with this disease or if your cat makes it , go with her at the vet from the first signs and the vet will know what to do. And it is very important to vaccinate the cat after she gets over this.

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