Caring For A Feral Cat Mother With Baby Kittens00:00

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As you know I have now in my care two cat mothers with baby kittens. One of them is a feral cat. She is not a friendly cat and this makes things quite difficult for me to clean her cage, to clean her box, to put her food and water.

She is still overprotective with her babies and many times she wants to scratch and she wants to bite. I can’t say she didn’t improve at all because she did. She is already purring sometimes when I am talking with her but she is still unpredictable and I can’t risk for her to bite or scratch me all the time.

I have to do things for her, in this cage many times a day. And I had to adjust, I had to find solutions to do this without allowing her to scratch or bite me.

And I am going to show you how I am doing this and what are the methods that I use.