Caring For Two Cat Mommies And 9 Kittens00:00

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As you know I have now in my care the two rescued cat mothers together with their baby kittens. Both of them were rescued while they were very pregnant and they both gave birth here.

One of them is the feral cat mother who is not a friendly cat but who improved a little since she is here. The other cat mother is a very friendly cat.

The bigger kittens, the ones who are running around here are already 6 weeks old, the smaller kittens are 4 weeks old. The smaller ones and their feral cat mother had some health issues in the last few days. Even though they have received the first internal deworming they still have parasites and they didn’t feel too well because of this, they had diarrhea, but now they are feeling much better. They have received some treatments and they responded very well.

I am going now to clean the cats cages. The feral cat mother is still overprotective with her babies and I still have to be careful when I am cleaning her cage. I am using a smaller cage that I place into the bigger cage. The cat mother is entering inside this cage and this way I can safely clean the place.

Even if this wasn’t my purpose, she is kind of trained now. Doing this two times a day, every day, now she knows that she has to enter the cage and the moment she sees it she enters by herself.

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