Cat Close To Give Birth On The Street Asking For Shelter00:00

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Here we are, 5 months since this cat mother was rescued. I remember when I found her on the street being soo close to give birth. And she surprised me with 6 beautiful kittens. Such a good and loving cat who was definitely abandoned just because she was going to give birth.

Thankfully all her kittens are healthy, she is also a healthy cat. The kittens are already 5 months old and after they waited quite a long time they have finally found great families who are waiting for them to go home. The cat mommy has also a wonderful request of adoption. So very soon all of them will finally go to their new families.

The cat mother and the female kitten are spayed already. The male kittens will be also spayed at the right time. We have a few more days to spend together so I am trying to enjoy the time that I still have with them. But in the same time I am so happy they can finally go to their homes as they need more space and more attention just for them.

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