Cat Fully Recovered After Liver Failure02:05

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Porto was rescued about 10 years ago. He was found when he was a kitten, crying on the street with a bottle tided up on his tail. I don’t know who could have done this to him and how it happened but this bad experience marked him for a long time.

He was a very sensible kitten, he was getting scared if anyone was touching his tail, he was not trustful, he had a fear that was there for a very long time.

When he was about 3 years old he got very sick, he had liver failure. I remember it was a long fight with the disease, his condition was so bad that he was extremely thin, he didn’t eat for almost two weeks, he was kept on fluids. He needed a lot of treatments and thankfully after a long fight with the disease he fully recovered. It looked really bad for him, at one point the vets thought he might not make it but they didn’t give up and look et him today.

Today he is such a loving boy and the most important thing he is totally healthy. He is greeting me with his paw, he is shaking his tail up with so much happiness every day when I come home. He is another proof that we should never give up at our ill cats. Even if at one point the situation might look so bad for them, we should keep fighting for their lives as when we will expect less they can recover.

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