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One week ago some friends called me in the evening asking me if I can help a cat who is crying loudly in their neighbourhood. It was clearly something was wrong with the cat but they couldn’t figure out what. It was dark and she couldn’t be touched. In the end they went with a cage and managed to catch her and they brought her directly to me.

The veterinary clinic was closed so they brought her to me to check what was going on with the cat. The moment I saw her I realised the cat was going to give birth and she was already in labour. Poor cat, she is so young and she had such a small belly. She clearly had pain. She cried for a few hours, I was ready to go with her at the vet first hour in the morning in case she wasn’t going to deliver her kittens. I was all the time in contact with a vet and if things were getting complicated the vet would have seen her during night.

But it wasn’t the case as the first hour in the morning the first kitten came. After this it didn’t last more than two hours and she delivered all her kittens. She had a small belly so I was thinking she must have 2 – 3 kittens but kitten no 1 came, then kitten number 2, kitten no 3 , kitten no 4 and finally the last one kitten no 5. So 5 kittens is such a small belly.

Thankfully they are all fine and healthy. The cat mother needed some medicines against pain after she delivered. She was exhausted and for a few hours he had pain in her neck also because she cried too much. But she took a good rest and she ate well and in a few hours she was just fine. She is not such a friendly cat so I think she was a stray she never had an owner. But she is learning to trust me and I am sure soon she will accept me as her friend.

I know they are lovely, they are cute and beautiful but never forget that they are rescued. The cat mother was rescued in labor so she needed my help. She is going to be spayed and the kittens the same when they will have the proper age. And there are so many cats who give birth on the streets everywhere in this world, and so many of the kittens are dying because they don’t have what to eat or they get ill and nobody is helping them. This is why if you have cats and if you are a responsible owner you should spay or neuter your cat. As when you let your cat to have babies, when they get adopted, they take the place of other kittens who might be dying on the streets.

So if you like kittens and if you would like the experience of having a cat mother with baby kittens then you can rescue some kittens or foster them until they get adopted. You will definitely find some at your local shelter. If you don’t find, try to contact rescue organisations from your area, and you will definitely find some adorable kittens that will need your help.

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