Cat Mommy Needed Medical Assistance00:00

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A few days ago the cat mommy didn’t feel so well. She was very agitated and she was breathing rapidly. I went immediately with her at the vet. The first thing that the vet checked was if she has any any kitten unborn so an ultrasound was done. Thankfully there were no more kittens inside. She had a big belly because her uterus remained bigger than normal, but this can happen sometimes.

She received some calcium by injection and also a few more medicines and for one hour she received IV fluids and she oxygen. Also some complete blood tests were done and the vet said she is healthy and we shouldn’t worry as she will be fine. She had milk fever meaning that her blood calcium was low after giving birth. We couldn’t let the kittens without the mommy for more than one hour so after one hour we returned home.

We followed the treatment from home for 2 more days and thankfully she is fine now, she Is no longer breathing fast and she is feeling very well.

If she would have given birth on the streets probably she wouldn’t have made it as without medical assistance she might have not recovered. And imagine she is not the only stray cat in this situation, many stray cats have trouble in giving birth and without receiving help some even die.

This is why spaying and neutering stray cats is truly important as this can save lives.

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