Cat Trapped To Be Spayed Wanted To Be Rescued00:00

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About 3 weeks ago I trapped a stray cat, from a colony of strays, to take her at the vet to be spayed being ready to return her in the place where she was living. I took the cat at the vet and I let her there for a few days to recover after the surgery so that I can return her in the territory. After I trapped her she was acting like a feral cat, she was shy and scared with humans. The vets could hardly handle her in the first day.

After a few days I went back at the vet to pick her up. She was already spayed and she had already a few days to recover after the surgery. There I had a big surprise as she was no longer that shy cat, now the vets were her best friends and everyone was like ‘wow she is such a good cat, she is no longer shy, we will miss her’. Imagine that I that moment I decided to give her a chance. I am quite full of foster cats right now and the space is limited but I just felt like this cat needs a real home and a family to love her the way that she deserves.

I decided to let her stay until she will find a loving family to take her home. In the meantime she was dewormed and also vaccinated. Is clearly that for her this human love is totally new as she doesn’t know exactly what to do so she kisses me, she bites me but easily and with a lot of love.

So a few weeks ago she was a stray scared cat and today everything changed for her and after she will get adopted things will get even much better for her.

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