Cat With Chronic Proliferative Cystitis00:00

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Even though all the kittens from the foster room had the cage to find their loving families, I still have a young kitten whose adoption had to be cancelled because she has some health issues.

I rescued her a few months ago, and since she is was even smaller she is urinating with blood. She received many treatments but when her condition haven’t improved the vet decided to make her a cystoscopy. A cystoscope is a thin tube with a camera and light on the end. During a cystoscopy, the vet inserts this tube through the cats urethra (the tube that carries urine out of your bladder) and into your bladder so they can visualize the inside of the cats urethra and bladder. The vet took some samples and sent them for an examination.

Her final diagnosis is chronic proliferative cystitis. This means we can support her with some medicines but this bleeding she ca still have from time to time for a longer time. But the good news is that she has absolutely no pain and this thing doesn’t affect her quality of life. Of course, she has to be checked by a vet from time to time but she can have a normal life even though she has this affection. And who knows, maybe in time she will get over it.

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