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If you watched my previous videos maybe you have seen the story of the cat who lost her owner and who had liver failure. If case you haven’t see her story, on short, she and her brother lost their very old owner who passed away. I took the two in my care she had liver failure. Her health condition was quite bad, she lost a lot of weight and she was refusing to eat for a long time.

She received all the treatments that she needed but I realised this was not enough for her. Ok, she made this bad disease but she made it right after she lost her beloved human. Even thought right after she arrived in my care she seems to be happy I think she started to miss her human more and more. When her health condition went so bad I felt like I had to do more than the medical treatments. I knew I had to make her feel that she is special and to give her a motivation to fight the disease. So I stated to spend some time with her every evening, but only with her without other cats around.

As you know I have many cats in my care and I have a lot of things to do for them, things that take me many hours in a day, but I had to do this for her to help her heal faster. So every evening we spent about one hour together. In this time I started to get to know her better, I have discovered some things that she likes and I succeeded to give her that motivation that really helped during her recovery. One of the things that she was missing was to sleep in a real bed under the covers. I am sure this is how she was sleeping at her home and her human was staying near her. This is what she loves the most. Then I realised she was used to receive treats she was responding at the sound of the bag with the treats.

I have also discovered she loves to jump on my shoulder, this was definitely something that she was doing with her beloved human.

By doing this every day, she started to feel motivated, she started to feel special and she realised she didn’t lost everything that she had before. I know they seep little things but for her are truly important and this can be seen in the way she is feeling now. She is still thin, it takes time to gain her weight back, but she has a lot of energy, she is eating well and she is constantly purring.

We are getting close to the end of the treatment so soon we will repeat the blood test and we will see how she is staying with the liver. But I am sure she is just fine now. I will keep you updated with her evolution in my next videos. See you soon!

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