Cat With Liver Failure Recovery03:36

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We had some hard times here because one of the two cats who lost their owner got very ill. She suddenly started to eat less, to lose weight and it was obviously something was wrong with her. I went with her at the vet where some blood tests were done. She had liver failure. She has to stay at the vet for a few days where she received fluids and a special treatment. She had a few days when she didn’t eat anything.

To be honest I was very worried because of her but as I know from my experience, cats can heal from liver failure. I wanted to let her at the vet for the shortest time possible because she is a very sensible cat and I didn’t want to stress her too much.

After I took her home I did all my best to make her feel comfortable, to make her feel that she is loved. This is a very important aspect when a cat is ill, the cats needs to receive extra attention because when they feel that they are loved the healing process is much faster.

She is not sad here, she is happy in the foster room, she likes the other cats and she doesn’t have any problem with them. Just that all the changes that she has been through lately, loosing her beloved human, changing the home where she spent the last 8 years, all these things weren’t helpful and she had this liver failure.

She is now under recovery, she is feeling much better, she responds at the treatment. Even if she is still thin she started to eat and she is again active and loving.

Even though the moments she she felt so bad and when she was refusing to eat, she seemed that she was not getting better, she did get better because the vets who treated her didn’t give up and I didn’t give up because I knew she can get over this. We should never give up at our ill cats as with the proper treatments and with a lot of love they can get over so many diseases.

I will keep you updated with her evolution, I haven’t repeated the blood tests as it is too soon but anyway she is definitely healing and feeling much better.

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