Cat With Somatitis Will Have Some Teeth Removed00:00

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I have an update regarding the cat with Stomatitis. He was rescued a few months ago, he used to be a stray when someone noticed that he had pain in his mouth while he was eating. He was taken at the vet and diagnosed with Stomatitis. This is how he arrived in my care.

In the last video with him I was telling you that we were going to visit the vet again as his condition didn’t improved. We did this, we have made two visits at the vet since then. The conclusion is that the vet will remove some of his affected teeth. This might help the inflammation to go away.

As I told you before he already has an human who is waiting him to go home but first we have to resolve this problem.

So I will keep you updated, in a few days the surgery will take place so please keep your fingers crossed for him!

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