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A few moths ago I presented you this cat who suffers with Stomatitis. He used to be a stray cat and someone notified me about him. He had difficulties in eating because of the pain caused by Stomatitis. A cat with his condition can’t live as a stray as he needs to receive food that he can eat and also to be under the observation of a vet.

During this time he received some specific treatments but his condition is not getting better so we have scheduled a new vet appointment.

He still has gum inflammation and pain when he is eating. Is possible for the vet to decide to remove some of his affected teeth. But this we will know exactly in a few days when the vet will see him again.

He gained quite much weight since he is here. I thing when he was a stray he might have suffered from hunger or he didn’t receive good food as now, when he receives good food he is very greedy and he is eating more than he should. As you know I keep him in the foster room together with other cats and till recently I had many kittens here and he took advantage of the situation and ate together with them. Thankfully the kittens are adopted already and is easier for me to keep his food under control now.

The best news is that he has a request of adoption but first we have to figure out if he needs some teeth to be removed or not.

I will keep you updated with his situation after we make the visit at the vet so please keep watching my videos. See you soon.