Cats Can Get Along One With Another00:00

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When you see me surrounded with so many cats probably you would ask how can so many cats get along so well one with another. The foster room shelters at the moment many cats and kittens of different ages and coming from different environments. The youngest cats are now about 6 months old and the oldest about 8 years old.

I have to admit they weren’t so close from the first moment they met. But in time, being equally loved and when they understood none of them is a threat, they started to get along, each of them perfectly fit in the community, and now I am amazed to see a very strong bond among all of them. They eat together, they kiss each other, the older ones care for the younger ones.

Many times I heard people telling that they can’t adopt a second cat because their cat would never accept a new cat. But there are so may ways to make two cats get along that it definitely worth trying. Just look at them, this video proves that it is always possible for cats to get along and become best friends.

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