Cats Rescued From The Parking Of The Supermarket Update00:00

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The cats from the parking of the supermarket are out of the quarantine and they are now in the foster room. Even if most of them were trapped and they seemed to be quite shy in the end all the kittens proved to be very friendly.

The cat mother is not very trustful yet but she can be touched. She is hissing me sometimes but in the same time she enjoys a little to be cuddled.

They really like to be here in the foster room, in a safe place with pheny of food, not having to run and hide. Their life is totally changed now and you can just read the happiness in their eyes. Sometimes when I look at them I think they are smiling. They play a lot, they are asking for cuddles, they love the good food that they receive and all the toys are like magic for them.

They all took some weight and now they are all fully vaccinated, and except the smallest one all the rest are spayed and neutered already.

But the best news of all is that they have already some requests of adoption and if will work fine they can go to their homes soon. So is possible that very soon things will get even better for them when they will meet their new families.

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