Cats Who Lost Their Owner Learn To Love Again03:09

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One week ago they were sad, they were confused and scared with the changes that happened in their lives. Their beloved human passed away and now they need to start a new life. But their sadness is slowly going away. Their eyes started to smile again and they understand now that they can learn to love again.

These beautiful cats lost their owner recently. It wasn’t easy for them, for a while they didn’t let anyone touch them. I was asked to help them, to take them in my care until I will find them a new home, and I did. When I brought them here they were so scared because they have never left the apartment where they used to live for 8 years. Everything was new, a new place, new humans, new cats.

I just let them accept all the new things slowly. I didn’t want to hurry things. And they just watched everything that happened in the room for a few days. They also refused to eat anything. They just followed the other cats and all the movements in the room. All that I did was to talk with them kindly and touched them just a little. In the this day of being here she was the one who decided she wants some cuddles and went to expose the room. The look in her eyes suddenly changed ad since that moment she only asks for love and attention. He needed two more days to totally get over his fear. He suddenly started to smile and to ask for cuddles too.

They have absolutely no problem with the other cats and kittens from the room, they are so friendly. So ow they will spend some time in this foster room until I will find them the perfect home and of course they will be adopted together.