Cats With Health Problems Deserve A Good Life Too02:14

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He is Ron, he was rescued about two years ago. He used to be a feral cat who was fed by a very old lady. One day the old lady passed away.

The old lady was letting him to enter her house when she was feeding him. He wasn’t a friendly cat but he was accustomed to go inside and eat. The problem appeared when the family of the old lady didn’t accept to let him inside any more after she passes away.

Someone notified me about his situation the moment he succeeded to enter again into the house and nobody was able to catch him to push him away. Poor Ron he was so scared with those mean people… I went immediately there with strap cage being ready to catch him. But the moment I stepped into the room where he was hiding and he looked into my eyes, I know I didn’t need the trap to catch him. He was climbed on a closet so I went slowly near him and I explained him that I want to help him and that I am going to take him to a safe place, I let him smell my hand and this was it! He let me take him without being afraid with me. So I took him home.

Ron is an old cat so he needed some blood tests to be done to see how is his health condition as he wasn’t looking too well. The blood tests showed that he suffers with renal insufficiency. Ron got very close with me very fast. Being so old and ill I didn’t want to put him under the stress of an adoption, any stress and change could have make his situation worse so I decided to let him stay. He is missing one eye but I have no idea how he lost it, this happened while he was a feral cat. He is happy now, he is very close with my other cats too and he is enjoying every moment of his peaceful life here.

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