Deaf Cat Gets A Second Chance01:14

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The 10 years old deaf kitty experienced some sad events in his life as a stray. He was living in his ‘silent’ world without knowing how it is to feel safe.

Kiro was born deaf and was found dirty and wounded, roaming the streets. The moment I noticed him I decided to turn his fate around. I offered him his first touch of love and took him at the vet for a check. He had some injuries as he was hit by cars more then once. He was also suffering with an infection at the leg, mites and fungus.

When he first met me he came to me meowing loudly like he was asking to be rescued. He was so dirty and he was walking with difficulty. I knew I couldn’t just leave him there. The cat received the medical treatments that he needed and he was nursed back to health. He needed a lot of TLC to understand he is safe and that his life is totally changed. He is such a loving boy and he needs more cuddles and attention than a normal cat.

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