Deworming Kittens03:22

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The kittens are already six weeks old so it’s about time for them to receive their first internal deworming. The vet gave me a pill that can be given to very young kittens, so now I will have to check their weight to see how much of this pill I can give to each of them.

This kitten has 700 grams. So let’s check for his sisters. I don’t know if I told you but he is the only boy in the group, all the other five are girls. Looks like all of them are about the same weight. One pill is for 4 kilos, obviously one quarter is for 1 kilo, they are 700 grams, so I will have to give them less than one quarter to each of them. Of course the cat mother will receive one pill.

Internal deworming is very important to be done because worms can be life threatening for cats and especially for kittens. If you have a young kitten that needs to be dewormed, always ask for the advice of your vet. Your vet is the only one who can give you exactly the pill that your kitten needs.

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