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Today I would like to talk with you about a delicate subject – euthanasia in cats. Probably I wouldn’t have touched this subject as I don’t even like to think about this but I think things got out from control all over the world. Lately I saw people, including cat rescuers deciding to kill cats who can be nursed back to health. And to be honest it freaks me out to see them crying after the cats they ‘had to put to sleep’ because it would have been too complicated for them to take care of those cats and what is even more upsetting is that so many people agree with their decisions. They do that and then they are suffering so much! But they got rid of a problem that would have taken them out of their comfort zone. This is so wrong, when you own a cat, a cat who is suppose to be a member of your family, you fight for the cats’ life no matter what. You don’t complain that this is too difficult for you as you can make it work.

There are so many amazing vets all over the world who save so many animals and put all their efforts to nurse the animals back to health without thinking not even for one second to put them to sleep. But unfortunately are also some vets who always hurry to recommend euthanasia and the people just agree without asking fo another vet’s opinion. Always ask for another vet’s opinion.

Let’s take as example some of the cats that I care for and who are ill. Smokey, Tigris, Benny and Richie all have tumors in their mouths. If I would follow the trend, I would put them immediately to sleep. It wouldn’t matter that they still enjoy their lives, that they still purr, play and love to cuddle. No, I would “have” to make the decision because it would make things easier for me. Well, things are not working that way. When Richie was rescued the first vet recommended for him to put him to sleep because he is too old, too feral and ill, to hissy and difficult to care for him. Of course this idea was so wrong, and a kind vet nursed him back to health. Every life is precious. Puffy had pancreas failure a few years ago. She felt so bad for two weeks that nobody thought she would make it. And look at her today, she is 100% healthy , we couldn’t just give up trying. Sasha, he also had pancreas failure with bad values but with treatments he got over it. Hans is FIV positive, wow, imagine how many people would decide he should be put to sleep. Really? Just take a look at him. Porto had severe liver failure, two weeks of sleepless nights and treatment brought him back to health. Missy, she had an amputated leg and in a few years she made a big tumor in exactly the place where she had the first surgery. It was that type of malignant tumor. Her tumor was removed by surgery. Look at her today, 3 years after the surgery still alive, healthy and so full of life.

But these are just a few examples, I am sure many of you have an animal who was ill at one moment and you didn’t give up. This is what everyone should do. Give them second chance, always ask for another’s vet opinion, let them live even if they are ill, for as long as they eat, purr, play and enjoy their lives. And even if they fall sometimes, help the to raise up, because you are their only chance.

Who are we to decide to end the lives of these innocent souls who can’t speak for themselves? If you ever had an experience with an ill cat that you helped to recover please tell us about your experience because the power of the example is always the strongest.

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