Feral Cat Becomes Friendly00:00

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This cat was a feral cat. She was living as a stray in an area that was safe for her. I tried to trap her for a few months and when I finally succeeded she was already very pregnant. So she gave birth to 5 beautiful kittens. Unfortunately one of them was born with some health issues and lived only for a few days. But the rest of her kittens are growing nicely and they are healthy.

It was very difficult for me to take care of her because she was overprotective with her babies, she was shy, she was aggressive, she wouldn’t let me even put her food or clean her cage. I needed to find solutions to do all these things, which I did, but now thankfully I don’t need any pillow, I don’t need any cage, because she totally changed her behaviour. I the last few weeks she gained her trust, she let me cuddle her now, she started to play, she is no longer aggressive, she is no longer biting or scratching.

What I did for her behaviour to change that much? First of all I didn’t force her to do anything against her will. I didn’t force her to stay for cuddles, I just let the time go by and everything came naturally. The only thing that I did a lot was to talk with her. I talked with her a lot until she found comfort when she heard my voice. And one day she responded to me, but in a friendly way, she talked with me the same as she talks with her baby kittens. That was the moment when I knew something changed, and it did!

I will let you now to watch how her behaviour changed in the last few weeks. Enjoy!

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