Feral Cat Evolution02:43

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A few weeks ago I have taken this feral cat inside. He was sleeping under the cars in front of mu house, he didn’t have any shelter and I just couldn’t let him make the winter outside.

He stayed in a quarantine cage for a while. In this time he was dewormed, vaccinated and also neutered. The thing is I don’t want to offer him shelter only for the winter. I want to give him the chance to gain his trust in humans and to find him a home.

Probably you are wondering if I managed to get close to him in this time. The truth is I haven’t succeeded. He didn’t accept me as his friend yet. But I am not going to give up. Today is a big day for him because today he is getting out of the cage and he is going to be free with my other foster cats and kittens. I was curious how he would react and how would he be with the other cats.

To be honest I didn’t expect for him to have this reaction. I was hoping him to get out of the cage and go to explore the room nut no, he has too much fear. Looks like he is scared with the cats too not only with me but maybe this is a good first step, maybe he needs to get close with the cats first and then with me. And I really hope these friendly cats can offer him all the help that he needs right now.

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