Feral Cat Needed Help01:25

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Richie is a 12 years old cat who lived all his life as a feral cat. People were feeding him but nobody could ever touch him.

One day Richie started to get thinner. The people who were feeding him tried to catch him and take him at the vet but it was impossible because they couldn’t catch him. For a while he stopped coming for food. He lived a happy life as a feral cat. He was looking good and he was so clean. When he stopped coming people who fed him knew something had happened to him. One day they noticed a thin and dirty cat waiting. They were shocked to see the poor cat was Richie…

They managed to catch him and they rushed with him at the vet. He was totally dehydrated, full of fleas and dirty with oil. His health condition wasn’t good, the vet didn’t know if he would make it. He needed fluid therapy and a lot of medicines. Richie spent a few weeks at the vet. With a lot of love and care he made it, he was over the critical period. Unfortunately Richie has a tumor in his mouth so he couldn’t live as a feral cat any more. That was the moment when I took him in my care. He needed a few baths to get rid of the oil from his fur. Nobody knows how he ended up with so much oil on him. He doesn’t totally trust me yet but he is happy and he feels safe. He will have now so much love and no more worries.

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