Feral Cat Who Needed To Be Spayed Turned Out To Be Very Loving02:06

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A few stray cats appeared in my neighbourhood lately . Most of them shy cats. Of course I started to feed them and have in plan to castrate all of them as this is very important.

Theoretically, a cat can give birth to three litters of kittens per year, with an average of four kittens per litter. So imagine a stray cat how many kittens can have in one year. Kittens that most of the times live unhappy lives, kittens who don’t have food or shelter and who die with all kind of diseases. This is why is important to castrate as many stray cats as we can, to reduce the number of the homeless cats.

One of the cats that appeared in my neighbourhood started to get close with me so I took her inside. Initially I thought it was a male but she was actually a female.

She turned out to be a very loving cat. Living as a stray was not safe at all for her as in the neighbourhood is a lot of traffic, and she was exposed at many risks. The winter is close and she would have also needed a shelter.

She is a young cat, she was internal and external dewormed, vaccinated and castrated. She was quite angry with the other cats from the foster room but this didn’t last more than one day. Now she accepted them all. She will stay in my foster care until she will find a family to adopt her.

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