Feral Cats Deserve Better Lives Too03:03

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He is a feral cat. His life as a stray meant living in a crowded city, sleeping under the cars, eating in fear, being chased by humans who don’t like cats. Probably his life would have been short, very short. He appeared in my neighbourhood during summer. I fed him all summer and I promised him I won’t let him make the winter outside. He is a young cat under one year old and even if he is feral he deserves a better life too.

I had to trap him as he is too terrified with humans. He was castrated, dewormed, vaccinated and now he is sharing the foster room with the other cats that I rescued and who are waiting to be adopted.

Even if he is shy and he doesn’t let me touch him, this doesn’t mean he will remain this way. One year ago I have rescued another feral cat who needed help and he is totally transformed now. He found a loving family who would have accepted him even if he was shy, but now he is the most loving cat.

My point is that even if some cats are feral, when they live in dangerous environments, we have to think about them also. Indeed is much more difficult to care for a cat like this but most of the times they prove they can be very loving after they get over the fear and they gain trust in humans.

I will keep you updated with his evolution in my next videos.

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