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I have just received a new cat in my care. Actually a kitten because he is about 6 months old. A friend of mine was trying to catch this kitten since a few weeks already. She finally managed to catch the kitten using a trap cage. She took the kitten immediately at the vet.

Initially she thought it was a female and of course she needed to be spayed. But she has a surprise because he is actually a male, not a female. The problem was that he was quite aggressive at the vet, and she considered that she couldn’t handle him so she asked for my help. Of course I couldn’t say no so now here he is, he has just arrived.

For the moment I see he is pretty calm. I have an important mission now. I have to help him to get over this fear. I have to help him to understand that he is safe and that he is loved so that I can make him ready to get adopted.

Having in mind that he lived as a stray in some conditions that weren’t too good, of course he must receive now the internal and the external deworming. I also have to put him some food and some water so wish me luck.

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