Feral Kitten Update00:00

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Here we are, 2 weeks since he was rescued. If you didn’t see the other videos with him, I rescued him about two weeks ago. He was a feral kitten living in a dangerous area and in improper conditions. He was trapped by one of my friends and she asked me if I can care for him until he gets adopted. He was a little aggressive when he was caught but in just two weeks he improved a lot.

The quarantine is over, he is now dewormed, vaccinated and soon he will be neutered. He started to become more trustful, he made new friends here in the foster room. He plays a lot and he seems to be happy.

In the place where he used to live as a feral cat remained two more cats, his mother and his sister. Of course I just couldn’t let them there so they were trapped also. So now the whole family is safe and rescued and they can stay in my care until they will find the perfect loving families.

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