Feral Rescued Cat Is Finally Going Home00:00

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It was February last year when I took him in my care together with his mother and his sister. 3 feral cats who needed urgently help as they were in danger in the place where they were living. His mother and his sister were the first ones to get adopted. They are already since a few moths in their new homes with their loving families.

He had to wait a little longer. First of all he is a special cat, with a difficult temperament and he needs some special humans to understand him and accept him as he is. He is still not a very friendly cat. I mean he has his own way to show his love. For example he loves for me to play with him with my hands, he loves to easily punch me. And he is very happy to see the phone, he loves to be filled with the flash on and even to watch videos for cats on the phone.

Beside his difficult character he also had some health problems and he needed a long treatment. Thankfully he is fine now. And thankfully he found those humans that he was waiting for. The humans that are going to accept him just the way he is. He doesn’t like other cats so he will go to a home without other cats where he can get all the attention just for him. So soon everything will change for him as he is finally going home.

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