Feral Rescued Cat Is Making Friends02:37

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I have an update about Brino, the shy feral cat that I took inside a while ago. In case you haven’t watched the videos that I posted with him, he is extremely shy, he is not getting out of this cage even though the doors are always opened, only recently he started to let me touch him but he is totally stressed out when I do this and he is always ready to punch me.

He had some problems with the other foster cats too, he was scared with them also but these days he started to bond with two of them. One of them is a kitten that came quite recently in the room, she also had some problems in accepting the other cats. She had some bad experiences in her life as a stray and she also needs time open her heart. I didn’t expect at this but she got close with Brino, she is spending a lot of time near him, she likes to eat together with him and sometimes they play. This I didn’t catch on camera yet.

Another cat that bonded with Brino is a cat who was also recently rescued. She also found comfort near him and a nice friendship was born.

For Brino these are big steps ahead, when he came he had so much fear that he was afraid even to move. Now he has friends and he is much more confident. I know he still has a long way to become totally trustful but I am sure time will resolve this for him. I will keep you updated about his evolution so please keep watching my videos and don’t forget to Like my page on Facebook or to Subscribe to my channel on YouTube.

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