FIV Positive Kitten Gets A Second Chance01:55

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This kitten was rescued about three months ago. She was a street cat when she got very ill and she needed help. She needed a few weeks of treatments at the vet but she recovered well.

She was also a shy kitten as she didn’t have any contact with humans before she was rescued. But she received a lot of love and she understood she is safe and she shouldn’t be afraid. She was tested and she is an Fiv positive kitten. Probably you are wondering how is she staying with other healthy cats? Well she has been spayed and yes she can live with other healthy cats too without putting them in any danger. Deep bite wounds are the primary mode of the virus’ transmission and it is not the case here.

And as any Fiv kitten she should be re-tested at 6 to 8 months as it is very possible then test to be negative negative because the maternal antibodies will have seroreverted. The good news is that she found a family who wants to adopt her and soon she will travel to her new home! She got very close with Brino, the feral cat who by the way is not that shy any more. They both have separate requests of adoption so they can’t stay together but they will both find other cats in their new homes so they will make new friends.

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