Five Rescued Mother Cats

This year starting with the spring I rescued 5 very pregnant mothers that needed help. To be honest I never had so many cat mothers in the such a short time.

The first cat mother arrived in my care extremely close to give birth. She was crying for help on the streets. Is possible that she was abandoned as she is a friendly cat and she was desperate to find a safe place to deliver her babies. She had 5 kittens, all healthy. Of course the mommy got spayed and the kittens also. All of them are adopted now.

The second cat mother was a feral cat that I trapped when she was very pregnant. She had 4 beautiful kittens. She didn’t have an easy birth, if she would have given birth on the streets it would have been very difficult for her. The mommy is spayed now and the kittens also. Thankfully they all got adopted.

The third cat mother that needed my help is the cat who followed me on the street asking for help. She had a very difficult delivery with milk fever after, she needed veterinary care and treatments. This cat probably wouldn’t have made it on the streets. The birth process is very difficult for cats also and many times they need veterinary assistance. This whole family got ill with Calicivirus but they were lucky to be here and to receive all the treatments they needed. Now they are healthy vaccinated. The cat mother is gong to be spayed in a few days and the kittens also when they will have the proper age.

The fourth cat mother was brought to me by some friends while she was in labour. Another stray cat in pain yelling for help on the streets late at night. She also had a difficult delivery, I stayed near her for many hours to help her to give birth to her babies safely. She didn’t feel so well after she gave birth but with some treatments recommended by the ver she recovered in a few hours. She has 5 kittens all healthy. She is also going to be spayed very soon and her kittens also when they will have the proper age.

The 5 th cat mother appeared in my area all of a sudden being super pregnant. A friendly cat most probably abandoned. She gave birth to 6 kittens. Another difficult delivery. I stayed with her for many hours during night. She didn’t have enough power to push, she had huge pain but with my help she succeeded to give birth to 6 healthy kittens.

So these are the 5 cat mothers and their 26 kittens that needed my help in these last months. These ones were lucky to find shelter but there are so many on this streets who never get help and who have trouble in giving birth alone on the streets. Some of the even die during the process, some don’t have what to eat to feed their babies, so many of the kittens die because they get ill or they don’t have enough food. This is why is extremely important to spay and neuter. This is the only way we can reduce tier suffering.

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