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This is the foster room where the cats and kittens that are in my care stay until they get adopted. It shelters now 21 cats most of them are kittens. But in a few days the last rescued cat mother will be ready to enter the room together with her kittens. I kept them separate in another room until they got dewormed, vaccinated and I wanted the kittens to now a little before they enter the community. But in a few days they will be ready to come here also.

Is not such a big space space but they stay here just temporary until they find loving families. This is a room of my house that I dedicated for them. With this new global situation more cats were abandoned even in my area and cats are smart and somehow they found me to help them. This year the number of cats that I rescued is much bigger than usual. Since the beginning of the summer with the help of my wonderful team 27 cats and kittens found already homes.

They are tally here, they are playing all day long, and night. I have to admit us a huge work that I have to make for them, a lot of cleaning and I also have to spend some time with them as they all need to feel loved.

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