Four Cats Needed Help – A Rescue Story05:08

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A cat mother and her kittens were abandoned and thrown out of a car in a village. I was there by chance, I didn’t know about them before I got there. Thankfully I had a cage with me and I was able to catch the cat mother and one of the kittens. It was impossible to catch the other kitten who was too scared. So I decided to go back there to catch him too.

I had to arrange this trip for another day as it was not very close to my home. I went back there with two trap cages, not just with one because in the meantime I was informed that there were actually three kittens not only two. One was hiding in the yard of a neighbor with some chickens. With the first one it was a little difficult as she didn’t trigger the trap immediately but we waited and with a little patience she was finally trapped.

When the family was reunited they were all so happy, they started to kiss each other and enjoy all the moments that they spent together. 🙂

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