Ginger Kitten Situation02:00

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Making cat rescue is an amazing experience. I have decided to share with you the beautiful experiences that I have with the cats that I rescue but I have also decided to show you another part of the rescue – the sad part. Cat rescuers and actually all animal rescuers have to deal sometimes with some unexpected situations that break their hearts.

If you are watching my videos probably you noticed this kitten in some of my videos. He used to be a stray kitten when his mother was unfortunately run over and killed by a car… He needed a safe place and this is how I took him in.

The sad part of his story is that some many bruises appeared on his skin – in his ears, on his face, on his legs, in his mouth. Of course the moment I noticed this I rushed with him at the vet. The vet took him some blood samples and she already made some tests. Some of the tests are good, some are not so good. The vet is a little worried that he might have a blood disorder. But to be sure more investigations need to be done and this takes time. I have never had a situation like this before and I don’t know what his needs would be if he has indeed a blood disorder.

I will keep you updated about his situation and evolution in my next videos and as soon as I will have a clear diagnosis.

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