Give Them Time01:19

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I was thinking what would be the perfect gift that we can make our cats for Holidays. Yes our cats love new toys, cozy beds, good food but is something that makes them the happiest.

Cats are much more needy of attention than most people think, and providing our cats the right levels of attention is vitally important for their well-being. They can quickly become bored and depressed if they are ignored. The best gift that we can offer our cats is TIME. Time spent with them is the most precious gift that we can offer them.

Our attention and companionship, fun activities, long naps in our arms makes them feel happy and secure. So if we wish to make your cats a nice gift maybe it’s a good idea to spend some more time with them. Forget about checking the phone, the emails or making dinner for awhile and spend some TIME with your cat. Because the best way to prove love is TIME.

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