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5 months ago some friends brought to me late at night a cat who was loudly crying for help. They didn’t know what to do so they brought her to me. As soon as she arrived I noticed that she was in labour and she had painful contractions, she was about to give birth.

After a night that we spent together she finally gave birth to 5 healthy kittens. Now the kittens are almost big cats, they are already 5 months old. Because of the big number of cats that we have to find homes for, they waited a little longer than usual. But the great news is that the cat mommy and 4 of the kittens are very close to go to their new homes. Yes they finally have some wonderful families who are waiting for them to go home!

Unfortunately one of the kittens can’t go to his home yet because he had some health issues. He is still under a long treatment and the vet decided that we shouldn’t make major changes in his life right now so he will stay in my care until we finish the treatment. Even though a few weeks ago he was feeling quite bad he wasn’t playing any more, he was sleeping mostly all the time, now he is feeling much better. He was going to get adopted together with one of his brothers but the adopters decided to take his brother together with another kitty from the foster room and when he will finish the treatments they will take him too.

The whole family is fully vaccinated. The cat mommy and the female kitten are already spayed and the make kittens will be also neutered soon.

We have a few more days to spend together as they are finally going home!

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