How Can Autumn Affect Cats01:32

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Autumn, isn’t it beautiful season? A lot of changes come with autumn the air is cooler, the temperatures are dropping, humidity decreases and our bodies feel this. But we are not the only ones who feel these changes, our cats can feel them too and they can act differently. Cats change their habits to adapt to new temperatures.

Cats eat more during fall, both in terms of quantity and frequency. They eat more because they have to take in some extra protein, fat, vitamins and minerals. They can sleep more then usual and be less active. Cats are more exposed to flu during autumn because of a higher level of humidity. But if your cat has a warm and dry place she should safe. Our cats can suffer from depression during this time of year as well. They can be more “needy” of attention, seeming more lethargic or even having extreme hair loss. Their fur is also changing this time of the year so they will need extra-brushing.

But remember, not every cat is the same. Some cats are more sensitive when weather is changing while others can act perfectly normal without having any change in their behavior.

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