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There are several situations when you may need to check your cat’s temperature. Of course, in case you notice your cat is to feeling well you should go immediately with her at the vet. But in case you are not sure if your cat is indeed feeling bad you can check her temperature and it is very important to do this correctly.

The first thing that you have to do is to purchase a rectal digital thermometer. The digital thermometer is recommended because they take the temperature pretty fast.

You have to know that your cat won’t like this procedure so you shouldn’t do it unless is really necessary. You can ask another person to help you but is recommend to be a person that your cat knows and likes.

I will check now the temperature of this kitten because he is ill and I have to check his temperature every day at the vet’s recommendation. Of course he won’t like it but for him is very important to be checked daily. Here is how you should do it.

Prepare the thermometer. Always clean the thermometer before and after you use it. You can use some disinfectant for this. You should lubricate it a little before inserting it in the cat’s rectum. You can use a little olive oil for this. Lift your cat’s tail and carefully insert the thermometer about one inch into the cat’s rectum. Make sure you insert it in the rectum and not somewhere else. Do not force the thermometer. Wait a little. A digital thermometer will beep when it’s ready. Remove and check the thermometer.

The normal temperature range for a cat when taken rectally is between 100.4°F -102.5°F (38.0°C-39.2°C). Like humans, a slight variance from the normal is not necessarily cause for alarm.

Always remember that a normal temperature doesn’t necessarily mean that your cat isn’t sick or injured. If you suspect an injury or illness, then seeing your vet is the best choice that you can make.

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