How To Give a Cat a Pill01:44

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Nobody, cats included, likes to take medicine. Giving your cat a pill can be a challenge sometimes! The easiest way to give your cat a pill is to hide the pill in food. But cats are smart and this trick doesn’t always work.

Giving your cat a pill doesn’t have to be difficult because there is an easy way to do this. First of all we want the cat to be comfortable and relaxed. And for this to happen we have to remain calm and act perfectly normal. Our cats can feel us immediately and if they feel something is going to happen then they panic and we don’t want this to happen.

If your cat is really difficult try to give her the pill in a room where she doesn’t spend too much time if is possible. This way she will be curious about the place and if you move fast she won’t even realize you gave her a pill. Hold the cat by the cheek bones firmly but gently and lift the head up towards the ceiling. Take care not to over extend . This way you can stabilize the cat quite easily. Take the pill with your index finger and your thumb. Use another finger and gentle open the her mouth. Drop the pill directly into the back of the throat and quickly take your fingers out again. Be careful to avoid the canines for your safety. Then close the mouth, return the head to a normal position and gently massage her neck for a few seconds. Lip licking usually means success.

It might not be that easy the first time you do it but it can be that easy with a little bit of practice.

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